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2411 Old Crow Canyon Rd, San Ramon CA, 94583, EE. UU.

Av.Constitución, Centro Comercial y Residencial Los Mangos. PB, Oficina 26. Maracay - Edo Aragua. Venezuela.

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Do you need to get the best result from your idea or business? At Puntotec International Corp we are specialists in developing 100% responsive websites, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) we position your idea, we promote your social networks with the best content, we create your brand, your logo, your app compatible with iOS & Android and much more ...

Custom Software

Developing a system that meets your business requirements or can generate revenue from your target audience is an arduous task with constantly evolving technologies. We provide our clients with system development tools and solutions suited to their ideas and needs. Our team of developers, designers and consultants work collaboratively with our clients to find and deliver the optimal solution to their business requirements.

We develop solutions that come from our client’s real needs, in accordance with the management processes that the company has already consolidated. It is important to keep in mind that the operation of each company is unique and that the systems that exist in the market do not always meet their needs, with our consulting experience we help our clients identify the gaps, propose and develop the best possible solution.

Our customized software systems are based on a web structure which allows greater accessibility to the system through the Internet, which means that it does not depend on a specific machine to carry out its activities or workstations with great resources for the system it works.

The development of a customized system can be gradual, which means we can offer independent solutions for each area of the company or provide a software to help improving the full company. Examples of systems:

- Software development.

- Administrative systems.

- Operating systems.

- Cost Systems.

- Control systems.

- Management systems.

- Inventory Systems.

- Financial Systems.

- Payroll systems.

- Centralized Information.

Or any requirement that our clients may have.

Web design & web developments

We are specialists in the development of web technologies for corporate portals, online stores or content managers, we offer Responsive and Self-administered web designs.

Web technology has progressed exponentially, and has provided us with many tools to optimize the development of websites, for this reason, and to ensure the quality of all our web pages, we are specialists in: LARAVEL, PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CCS , JS, granting a wide range of integrated and personalized services that will allow you to commit, retain and monetize your visits according to your requirements.

Mobile application development

We have the ability of creating applications of any kind, from entrepreneurs who want to start their project to large companies that want to mobilize their processes to update their platforms.

If you need to translate your idea and bring it to reality Puntotec International Corp is the right place to do it, we design mobile applications and production tools on platforms such as iOS and Android.

Our team of developers can create your app natively in the language of your choice, we can create your web app, or we can create a hybrid app, we handle the best tools for this: SWIFT, ANDROID STUDIO, DART, FLUTTER, JAVA, KOTLIN.

Graphic Design

Creating a recognizable brand or logo that is different from the rest is an important factor and can be a long job if you do not have a specialized team.

We work with our clients to identify, refine and establish the image that best suits their product or service.

We create for our clients, logo, business cards, watermarks for their photographs, digital signatures, document headers and much more ...

Digital marketing

We create our plan with our client, always offering the most effective and profitable solution to get the best benefit for their company, we make it possible for your brand to be connected with your audience, focused on the benefits that your products or services offer.

Boosting your social media, updating the information and giving the best content of your idea, product or business.


You need to generate more profits, or you want to improve your company or your product with a Quality Online Store and give a Good Service to your clients, at Puntotec International Corp, we adapt to your needs, we develop your ideal virtual store.