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Would you like to get the best results from your idea or business?
At Puntotec International Corp we specialize in developing 100% responsive websites.
We position your idea by promoting your social media networks with premium content and Search Engine Optimization SEO. We can create your brand, your logo and your app to be compatible with IOS & Android. We can bring any of your visions to life.

Custom Software

The development of a customized system can be gradual, which means we can offer independent solutions for each area of the company or provide a software to help improving the full company. Examples of systems:

Software development.

Administrative systems.

Operating systems.

Cost Systems.

Control systems.

Management systems.

Inventory Systems.

Financial Systems.

Payroll systems.

Centralized Information.

Or any requirement that our clients may have.

Web design & web developments

We are specialists in the development of web technology for corporate portals, online stores or content managers. We offer responsive and selfadministered web designs.
Web technology has progressed exponentially which has provided us with many tools to optimize the development of websites. We provide you with the most progressive best quality webpages by specializing in : LARAVEL, PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CCS and JS providing a wide range of integrated and personalized services. This will allow you to attract, retain and monetize your visits according to your requirements.

Mobile application development

We can create any application, whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or a large corporation that wants to mobilize their processes to update their platforms.
Puntotec International Corp can design your mobile applications and production tools on both IOS and Android. Our team of developers can create your application in the language or languages of your choice. Our experienced team is proficient in web applications and creating hybrid applications using all the best tools in the industry SWIFT, ANDROID, STUDIO, DART, FLUTTER, JAVA and KOTLIN

Graphic Design

Creating a recognizable brand or logo that stands out is an important factor in a successful business. Branding matters! Our team is here to help bring your vision to life or we can help design and plan marketing material for you.

We work with our clients to identify, refine and establish the image that best suits their product or service.
We create logos, business cards, watermarks for the photographs, digital signatures document headers and much more.

Digital marketing

We work with our clients to offer the most effective and profitable solutions. We know that it’s important for your business to connect with your customers. Social media is one of the most powerful tools on the internet and its vital for a business to create and execute an entertaining and consistent social media strategy. Our team can help you create this plan to include the necessary content to be successfully seen on social media. Not only is the content you create for social media extremely important, the way you utilize the platform and its features are equally as important. Let us teach you how to navigate this ever changing business tool.


Online shopping is the #1 way people shop these days. Let us create a quality online store that is engaging and turns visitors into customers. We can create a new online store that facilitates your business requirements. We can create captivating product descriptions, make it visually stimulating, add interactive customer service and a streamlined checkout system. Do you already have an online store hosted by a big name e-commerce site and you’re unhappy with the fees and limitations of your service? Let Puntotec International Corp migrate your website to our server and help you use tools like SEO to optimize your stores performance.

Social Media

It is important to combine objectives, actions and tools to increase the online presence of a brand. A good management of social media strengthens the communication strategies of brands on the Internet. We know how to optimize your company's corporate social media and we will help you make a greater impact.

Service Engine Optimization (SEO)

We apply strategies and optimization techniques to your website so that it appears in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Youtube. This results in increased traffic and visibility of brands on the Internet. We can make your website stand out among millions of pages on the net and reach the top positions in search engines.

Security camera installation

With a wide variety of security cameras, electric fences, digital locks, data and internet networks, alarms, biometric attendance control, computers and everything related to the computer industry. Our products are directed to the Home, Offices and Companies. Above all a personalized advice, having at hand efficient staff, where they will guarantee an effective solution that suits your needs.